Wednesday, February 20, 2013

After Christmas Catch-Up

OK, so it may be mid-February, but let's back up to a few days after New Year's...once we left Mama Kay and Papa's house, we stopped in Cincinnati to drop off some boxes to Aunt Ginny and Uncle Chris. It was a perfect mid-point stop on our trip home from TN and Aunt Ginny prepared a wonderful breakfast for us, which was very nice! The kids got to stretch their legs and get a nice break from the car too, so it worked out perfectly! Plus, we all wanted a bit more Baby Brendan time...


Ben thought that Baby Brendan might want to listen to a of personal favorites too!

I think Brendan really enjoyed it.  Looks like Abbey did too :)

Juju's turn with Brendan!

Then it was back to home to get ready for the National Championship game!  Now, seeing as how we know how this game turned out, I contemplated not even mentioning it in the blog, but I did want to someday look back and remember that we at least made it to the Championship game in an undefeated season!  That morning we were full of excitement and hope though so Daddy played the Fight Song to wake everyone up and made bagels with green cream cheese!   Even if the game didn't go well, we had fun celebrating anyway!

And we were back to our soccer class.  Aren't these kids cute all ready for soccer?

The place they take soccer is so big that there are two giant fields in separate, but attached, buildings.  Unfortunately, Ben and Juliette are in one building and Abbey is in another.  Luckily, Ben is very responsible when it comes to his baby sister.  He carefully gets her after class, holds her hand, and they walk over to the other building where I am trying my best to hurry Abbey along to get to them too (not an easy task mind you!).  So far it has worked out fine though.

And speaking of those two, Ben had the opportunity to read to Juliette's preschool class as a guest reader.  It was very cute.  They were both so excited about it. 
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