Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Year's In TN!

After we left FL we drove to TN to see our other side of the family to ring in the New Year!  Looks like those matching PJ's still fit some of the family from a few years ago!

Unfortunately I forgot mine :(  But Mama Kay and Aunt Domi had theirs!

I think Paul and Papa actually had theirs too, but they weren't around for this picture (or they weren't in their PJ's at that time).

New Year's Eve...we poured some bubbly (sparkling grape juice for the kids)...

And had a countdown to midnight (or 9:00).

Unfortunately, Juju couldn't even make it to 9:00!  We went to mass, then out to dinner, and on the way home she fell asleep and wasn't even woken up by changing into PJ's!  So, we whispered Happy New Year's and put her to bed.  But here is the rest of our family ringing in the new year (well, at 9:00 anyway, which was already very late for these kids!). 

Since we were all up so late, the next day involved a lot of relaxing cuddle time...

And some movie watching and iPad game playing...

And then some more cuddle time...

We had a great few days in TN, which wrapped up a wonderful Christmas vacation.  We love you all - thank you so much for everything!  Happy New Year!  We are looking forward to everything 2013 is going to bring us!
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