Sunday, March 03, 2013

Madgie and Patch visit!

For some odd reason, Madgie and Patch decided that they wanted to visit Yellowstone in the winter (remember, they live in FL and perhaps wanted to see snow?). Luckily for us, they had to fly through Chicago so they extended their trip and stayed with us both the weekends before and after their trip. Of course as soon as they got here the kids put them to work. Here is Madgie reading a new book of interesting facts to Ben...he is clearly intrigued!

Then we had a family movie night...who knew we could fit so many butts on this couch!

Well, it just so happened that right before Madgie and Patch came to visit we got our first good snow of the year.  So, we had to go sledding!  

Madgie and Juju were up first!

Wheee!  I am sure it has been quite a while since Madgie and Patch have been sledding and they seemed to enjoy it!

Love this kid!

Pure joy on his face!

Abbey loved going, but she preferred to cover her face to keep snow from getting in it!

This was the first year that Juliette got really into it.  Last year she would cry to be carried up the hill and would go down but was never that enthusiastic about it.  This year was different though.  She marched up the hill each time ready to go again and again and again!  She wouldn't go down by herself, but that was ok because there were plenty of people who were happy to go down with her!

Abbey covering her face again...

There's her face!  And what a great expression!  I am sure this was her expression each time behind her mittens too!

Madgie and Patch took a turn together...Madgie looks petrified, but I think this was when she was yelling "Watch Out, Watch Out, Watch Out!!!!" to the kid walking up the middle of the hill!  It was pretty hilarious to watch!

OK, there is her smile!

Back to covering her face again...

I just thought this picture was so cute...Juju looks thrilled - YAY!!!!

Paul got to sled some too, but then our camera ran out of batteries so I didn't get many shots of him.  You can't really see him in this picture, but it captures the way he would go down the hill with both girls on his lap - so cute!

We came home and made some hot chocolate.  I think everyone had a fun day!  Then Madgie and Patch flew off to Yellowstone for the week!
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