Monday, March 04, 2013

Madgie and Patch Weekend #2

After Madgie and Patch spent a cold, but beautiful, week in Yellowstone they came back to Chicago to have some more fun before returning to the warmth of FL! We picked them up from the airport and went out to eat for Ben's family birthday dinner. Ben's birthday was still a week away, but we decided to celebrate early since we had family in town. Ben's choice was to go to Benihana, which is always a fun time!  Nice hat Abbey!

As a member of the birthday club, Ben got a free drink in this cool ninja cup complete with its own sword!

Our group - apparently Abbey couldn't put the ice cream down long enough for a picture!

The next morning we played in the snow again!  Ben and Abbey got to work making a snow fort.

Here's one of my snow angels...

Looks like Daddy had some fun while making the snow man!

Madgie and the girls worked on making the snow man's head...turns out it was a snow princess with a Dora crown!

Patch and Juju with the snow princess...

What a cute picture!

Look at that attention to detail...eyebrows and everything!

Juju and I worked on getting the arms to stay in...

Meanwhile, Ben was busy preparing for an epic snow ball fight...he looks ready!

Finished product...

Patch got into the snow ball fight!

Who exactly is this snow ball fight between?

Ben helped Daddy prepare snow balls by bringin in extra snow.

Juju did not want to join the snow ball fight.  She preferred instead to continue accessorizing the snow princess.

Abbey helped Patch collect snow, but the only problem is that she would then get upset if he actually tried to use her snow to throw.  So it was sort of like she was helping, but not really!

Just some cute shots.

 After some hot chocolate to warm us up, we had some inside fun too.  Madgie and Patch gave Ben an awesome lego batman set and they all had a great time working on it!
Patch playing battleship with the girls...
While Madgie and Ben continue to work on the legos.
Don't worry, the girls made sure there was also plenty of doll playing with Madgie!
We had a great time with Madgie and Patch...thanks for visiting and playing in the snow with us!
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