Wednesday, April 03, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

We had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day. The kids all had parties at school and I had the opportunity to volunteer at Juliette's party. I didn't really take any pictures, but I just snapped this quick one with my phone of her sitting in the group ready to sing some Irish songs. It was really cute.

On St. Patrick's Day we went to an Easter egg hunt and festival at the Catholic High School near us.  It was a really great event with games, prizes and of course an egg hunt.  Juliette was excited to get an egg painted onto her hand!

Ben colored these great bunny ears!

They look ready for the egg hunt!

Juliette quickly discovered that there was candy hidden inside the eggs...

We took a different approach this year to our St. Patrick's Day dinner...instead of corned beef I made shepherd's pie and it was delicious!

I would make it again as it was so yummy.  It wasn't hard to make, but did require a lot of time consuming work, mostly cutting up all the veggies and peeling and making the potatoes to go on top.  But it was worth it!

And big news for Abbey...after months and months of complaining about her car seat and asking for a booster seat (Mom, all my friends have a booster seat!), she finally got up to the weight limit and upgraded to a booster seat.  What a big girl!
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