Monday, April 22, 2013

Easter Preparations

When we got home from our staycation, the kids were excited to get outside and play on the swing set together!

Then we had some business to take care of...getting the eggs ready for the Easter Bunny!  Nice stripes Abbey!

Cutie pie

Ben took egg decorating very seriously.

Juju enjoyed it too - we have some very creative kiddos!

And loving kids...they each  made eggs for each other.  Here is Abbey's "J" egg for Juliette!

The finished product!

The day before Easter we went to our old church for the annual Easter Basket Blessing and egg hunt.  The kids were not thrilled with getting their picture taken with the Easter Bunny and after seeing this picture I can see why...the Bunny looks pretty creepy!  He looks like he is going to attack us!

Then the kids brought our baskets up to be blessed.

After the blessing, it was time for the egg hunt.  And they're off....
 Pretty girl.

Daddy helped find eggs too.  Not really sure of the stratgey going on here...perhaps distracting other kids so our kids would find the eggs?  Abbey looks like she is wondering what the strategy is too!

Juliette finding eggs!

As always, it was a very fun event!
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