Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Dress Rehearsal

It was that time of year for the girls' dance recital (I so love this). But before the big recital, we first went through dress rehearsal.  Isn't Abbey beautiful!


Then it was time for the actual rehearsal.  Here is Abbey ready to start...and this is about as far as she got.  The music started and she immediately looked down, ran over to me, and refused to dance.  Exact same thing that happened last year!  To be fair, they hold the rehearsal at the dance class location and the parents come in and sit about 2 feet from where they dance, so it is a bit intense with everyone right there staring at them.  But still, she is the only one who didn't dance and of course that led me to worry about the actual recital coming up and how she would do!

After it was over though, she was all smiles again with her friends.

Next day was Juju's turn!

What a cutie pie!

Juliette did fairly well in her rehearsal.  She was a bit distracted by everyone, but when she did concentrate, she did really well.  I then worried about her as well...not that she wouldn't dance, but that she would be so ditracted by the audience that she wouldn't follow along with the routine. 

Here is her class.
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