Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We moved!

In the midst of finishing up the school year, finishing spring activities, and planning for summer, we somehow found time (and energy) to move! It was quite a stressful week and we were so blessed to have my parents and Paul's parents both come up to help out. Not only were they huge helps with the kids, the packing, the moving, and the unpacking, but they also kept a positive attitude throughout and kept us calm as things with the closings on both houses went crazy. We had several last minute issues that delayed our closings by a day, but in the end, we were ok. So, here is our new house! It is closer to downtown Arlington Heights and closer to the kids' school. The block is fantastic with lots of kids on the street and very nice neighbors that actually socialize with each other (something our old street was severely lacking). So we are very happy and finally feeling settled in the house. This is a much nicer house than we had intended on getting though, so we will spend the next 5 years or so slowly upgrading out stuff to fit the house - ha!

We also finished up Ben's spring soccer season.  His favorite positions are goalie and defender and he is pretty good at them too!

Then we had the end of year party for soccer and the girls had a good time too!

The team!

And the awesome coach handing out trophies to the kids!

I am aware of how behind I am in blogging.  My current issue is that I am somehow missing pictures from my computer.  I like to stay in order of things as they happened, so I am trying to find the pictures before blogging more.  Hopefully the issue will get resolved soon...
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