Friday, February 21, 2014

More Life with Matthew Pictures

I just downloaded pictures off of my phone so I thought I would share some more pictures of our life at home these days!  Although this picture is actually from the hospital, I just thought it was cute...
Abbey loves to play with  Matthew on his activity mat.

Tummy Time!
I think I mentioned what a crazy winter we have been having, but here is some evidence of the snow build up in our backyard!
Another cute one from the hospital of Daddy with his 4 amazing kiddos!
Can you see that the temperature gauge in the car says -14!
Cousin Cason sent us this awesome "Mustachifier"!
Juliette holding Matthew.
Ben's turn!
Sleepy guy!
Play time!
Juliette holding him again!
Someone is "Wild About Mom"!
Abbey and Matthew!

Can you tell someone likes to have their picture taken holding Matthew?

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