Monday, February 03, 2014

Recovering in the Hospital

Well, since everything happened so early, Madgie and Patch weren't even up yet to help! Luckily, Madgie was able to change her flight and come in on Monday (as opposed to Tuesday) and then she jumped right into taking care of the kids and figuring out the routine. She was going to fly in Tuesday so she had a few days with me to get things down before baby came, but she did such an awesome job of just jumping right in and figuring things out! Thank you Madgie!!
All of Monday I was kept on the magnesium drip and it made me feel awful.  I was so drowsy that I couldn't keep my eyes open and I couldn't keep any food down (and by food, I mean the clear liquids and jello they were feeding me post surgery).  I felt pretty awful.  And I couldn't get out of bed, which is important in the recovery process.  But, after a long day, Paul went to pick up the kids from school and bring them to the hospital!  Juliette ran right over to see me - they were so excited!  Ben came over to see me too, but Abbey was hesitant and kept her distance, which is very much her personality. 
While Ben and Juliette visited with me for a minute, Paul took Abbey aside and had her help with a special task...going to get the baby who was in the nursery at that moment!  She helped Daddy push the baby back to our room and that helped her immensely to have that time by herself seeing the baby without all of the hype and fuss that happened when they first came in the door - good thinking Daddy!
Ben and Juliette couldn't wait to hold him!
Look at that excited face!  Baby Girl is reading to hold Baby Boy!
So happy!
Abbey quickly started saying she didn't want to hold him, but she did want to touch him.  They all wanted to touch him!
Again, Daddy to the rescue for Abbey.  He suggested that he hold Abbey and Abbey hold the baby, which worked really well.
Then Juliette wanted to do that too!
That got Abbey comfortable enough that she wanted to then hold the baby by herself.  Good job Abs - you are a great big sister!
First Family Photo - Family of 6!!!
My babies!
That night I was finally able to get off of the Magnesium Drip and felt better within 2 hours.  That meant the next day that I could get up out of bed and also felt up to having visitors.  Madgie came back for more cuddle time.
Jill came to visit!
So did Sandy!
Our cute little guy...
Luckily Aunt Domi was able to come back for a visit and actually get to hold him this time! 
Daddy and baby...
Mommy and baby...

Wow I look tired...I wonder why...
Before we knew it, 4 days were gone and it was time to go home!  By this time we had actually decided on a name for baby...welcome to our family Matthew Samuel!
The kids came straight to the hospital after school so we could all go home together.  They made sure Matthew was safe and sound in his car seat.
Time to go home.  Thanks to Ben for helping push the wheel chair and thanks to the girls for helping carry the flowers!
When we got home there was a surprise...the kids had made signs for us to welcome us home!
Beautiful!  It says "Welcome Baby Brother"!  They had decorated the house for us!
Flowers and cards...
A cookie basket sent to us by Uncle Chris and Aunt Ginny and a gift left for us by Aunt Domi - great things to come home to!
More signs made by the kids - these were made on Sunday when we first went to the hospital!
Better check on baby brother to see how he is doing!
Right away everyone wanted to hold him!
The kids gave him the build a bear they had made for him the night before he was born!
After a long day it was bed time, but not before saying goodnight to baby Matthew!

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