Monday, March 24, 2014


As usual, lots going on!  But never too much going on to have some Matthew cuddle time...

Matthew had his first bottle!  I pumped some milk to make sure he was ok taking a bottle and he took it like a champ!
And of course, everyone wanted in on the action!  First Ben fed him...
Then Juliette....
And Abbey!
I call these two my little mommies :)
And having fun with Papa!
Brother to Brother talk...
Ben loves having a little brother.  He always wants to hold him or hold his hand and he is always reminding Matthew that they are brothers.
We went to Ben's cub scout Blue and Gold dinner, which was really fun. 
Ben earned his wolf badge!
And then there was a surprise visit from Tommy Hawk (Black Hawks Mascot for those not from Chicago or don't follow hockey).
It was really fun - he played all kinds of games with the kids, which kept them engaged and not running around the gym like crazy!  Here they are playing freeze dance!
And this is the whole group!  They had been encouraged to bring Black Hawks clothing to change into after the official scout ceremony had ended...we had to buy Ben a shirt as we are not big hockey fans ourselves,  but now he wears it all the time, so money well spent!
And before we knew it, it was time for Mama Kay and Papa to leave and go home.
Mama Kay and Papa were so helpful to us and we really can't thank them enough.  They drove the kids everywhere, helped make dinner, cleaned up, and helped us with our fussy baby that didn't sleep!  We were so glad they could come help us and we miss them being here!  But, it was time for us to handle this new family of 6 on our own.  And although Paul and I would have welcomed help forever probably, the kids were ready to get back to our routine without visitors.  It has actually gone really well thus far.  Matthew spends a lot of time in his car seat, but he is fairly laid back about it.  And once he hit the 7 week mark, his sleeping dramatically improved.  He is now sleeping very well at night (almost through the night) and is a happy baby during the day.  The only problem now is he does not nap well.  His gassy tummy wakes him up several times during a nap so he isn't getting great sleep during the day.  I am hopeful that as he continues to grow his tummy will continue to work itself out and get less uncomfortable for him.  But as long as he continues to do well at night, I am not complaining!  He is a happy baby!

I will take a moment here to also say how amazing our school/parish community have been.  We had a friend set up a meal registry for us and we had people bringing us meals 2-4 times a week for TEN weeks after Matthew was born!  I was overwhelmed with the kindness of our friends and the community of our school and Church.  People we didn't even know that well signed up to bring us a meal.  It was so incredibly nice and we had some really delicious food and some great new recipes to add to my mix.  A big thanks to everyone from St. James!!

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