Sunday, May 04, 2014

Pre-Easter Fun

After Spring Break it was already time to start thinking about Easter! But first, a few pictures off my phone...such a happy baby!
The kids made a cape for Daddy to say he was the Best Dad Ever!
This is what happens when you are the fourth child and have an 8 year old brother...he makes a cape for you out of a towel and calls you "Super Baby!"
Ben really loves Matthew and Matthew gives the love (in smiles) right back!

We spent a day down by Aunt Domi and started with a fun project at Home Depot (well, fun for Dad, I am not sure how into it the girls were).  Then we went to an egg hunt at their local Church.  Juliette was so excited to run and get eggs!

Happy Girl!
Caroline, Abbey and Ben going through their stash at the end of the egg hunt.
Oh there is a box of Easter eggs....let's put Matthew in it for a cute picture!
Mom, what are you doing to me???
Then the Easter Bunny came by to see what they got too!
Normally my kids don't want to go near the Easter Bunny (and they refused to take a nice picture with him), but the Bunny was so good at coming up and playing with them in this way that they felt totally comfortable with him there. 
Juliette even went up to him.
Matthew's first encounter with the Easter Bunny!  Again with that face that says, "Mom, what are you doing to me?"
He is much happier in Uncle Brandon's arms!
They had face painting there too!
Then it was back to their house for lunch and playing.  Luckily for Juliette, Uncle Brandon suggested they sit and have dessert!  I just think this was such a cute picture that captured such a cute moment.  Everyone else was outside playing and these two sat and enjoyed a nice dessert together at the counter - so cute!
And then it wouldn't be a complete trip to their house without Juliette resting and watching a movie on an asleep Uncle Brandon!
And we got to spend this whole day with Cousin Cason, which was super fun!  We miss seeing him more often now that he no longer lives in WI.  So we took a picture of all the kids with him :)
As always, it was a super fun day of cousin fun!  Thanks for having us out Aunt Domi!

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