Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kick Start Summer!

After we got back from Florida, we jumped right into our summer activities! The kids started right into Vacation Bible School and then the next weekend we decided to go strawberry picking!
Ready to go pick some delicious strawberries!
Good one Juju!
As you can see, the strawberries were perfect - we finally got our timing right!
Matthew showed his approval by spitting up in the fields...a true Matthew mark!
Pretty girl!
He looks like he wants to try one!
Abbey filling up her basket!
Getting full!
These kids did an awesome job picking really good ones!

Daddy and Matthew helped too.

We ended up with about 10 quarts of strawberries.  One would think we would take that opportunity to make all kinds of strawberry jams, cakes, jellies, whatever, but really, we just ate them all!  We did have some strawberry shortcake and one strawberry cake (that nobody ate), but other than that, we just ate up the fresh fruit, which was delicious!  Here is our final shot...Matthew was about done at this point!
The next day was our annual Church picnic, which is always fun.  Ben won this fun toy...
Just a cute one of Matthew and Daddy!
And then, before we knew it, it was the end of June and our anniversary!  We have been married 12 years now and the kids wanted to celebrate, so they got out the tub of ice cream we had leftover from a party and wrote 12 in it with chocolate sauce and put candles in it and sang "Happy Anniversary To You!"  It was funny, but very sweet!

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