Saturday, August 23, 2014

Abbey's Birthday Party

Abbey and one of her best friends have a birthday only days apart, so they wanted to have a shared birthday party this year at their old gymnastics place. It was sort of last minute, but we got together a group of friends from school and had a great party! This is the Elsa cake I made for the girls.

Matthew is a budding gymnast...
Juliette was happy to show off her skills too...

Abbey had a great time playing with her friends while doing gymnastics, which is her current passion.

Juliette in the pit.
Abbey and one of her friends from school.
Cute shot!
This is Abbey and her birthday buddy!

Then it was up to the room for snack and cake!

Birthday girls...

It was a great party - thank you to everyone who came!  Abbey was thrilled to receive so many "Frozen" gifts too - lucky girl!  She had to wait a few more weeks to actually turn 6 though...

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