Monday, November 24, 2014

On August 19th, our baby girl turned 5. She was so excited to turn 5 and go to kindergarten. Her birthday was on school orientation day, so we spent most of the day doing school stuff, but she enjoyed it so it was OK. That night, I made her birthday dinner request, which was macaroni and cheese and corn. And then she wanted chocolate ice cream for dessert, so we put 5 candles in the ice cream.
Happy Birthday Juliette!
On to her stats, she weighed in at 41 3/4 pounds and was 41 1/4 inches tall.  She is still a peanut at 25% height!  She has been trying for a very long time to get to 40 pounds so she could switch out her car seat for a booster seat, and she finally was big enough!  She is thrilled to be in kindergarten and going to school like a big kid. 

Juliette is a true sweetheart.  She is laid back and friendly.  She is a good listener, good cuddler, and just an easy child for the most part (unless you are trying to get her to clean up).  She likes to play with friends and she likes to play by herself - she just likes to play.  She is often around our house in a costume, dancing or putting on shows, and she loves to color too.  Dora is still her favorite show, although she also likes some of the older shows now too.  She loves being a big sister (or more importantly to her, not being the baby anymore).  She is sweet with Matthew and gets along well with her older siblings.  She is a joy in our lives and I thank God everyday that we were given this beautiful surprise!

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