Thursday, November 20, 2014

TN Trip Follow-Up

I was going back through the pictures on my phone and saw a few from TN that I wanted to post as well. I forgot to mention during all the fishing that we did, we caught something else....a turtle!  It was hard to reel in and everyone thought it was going to be a huge catfish, but instead, we hooked a poor little turtle :(

Just a cute shot of Juliette on the dock.

I briefly mentioned that Mama Kay spent a lot of time with Matthew so he could nap.  We came back from a boat ride to find them relaxing together on the swing - so cute!

I also forgot to mention that before Ben tried skiing with skis, he went behind the boat on this float, which is a beginner ski tool that teaches kids to stand up behind the boat and to get the feel of pulling back on the rope.  He did great on it!

I mentioned in my previous post that Juliette started out the week on the dock, then went to swimming in the lake as long as someone was holding her hand, to swimming freely off the dock (and venturing away from the dock).  She was a pro by the end of the week!

A few shots of Abbey and Daddy on the tube (before she flew through the air and into the lake)!

And this is a great shot of our car trip...two in the way back, two in the middle, and a dog that floated between!

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