Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Early January Winter Fun

Matthew really likes food - all food! He especially likes spaghetti, as you can see...

He's SOOOO BIG!!!  Luckily, it was easy enough to take him straight to the bath after dinner!
In early January we got our first big snow fall and the kids had a lot of fun playing in it!  Matthew and I watched from inside, which Matthew really enjoyed.  He got a huge kick out of seeing everyone outside and banging on the window to say hello!

Dad using the snow blower!
Abbey says hello to Matthew.
Juliette enjoying the snow!
Hi guys!!!  I am right here inside watching you!!

After a bit, I decided to put Matthew in a snow suit and go outside with him.  Unfortunately, his snow suit was size 0-3 months!  But I stuffed him in it anyway (which he was not happy about).  It reminded me of A Christmas Story because he couldn't move his arms or legs!!  You can tell he isn't thrilled about this, but went along for the picture anyway.
Now he's a little happier at least.
And then he was all done and wanting to get out of that snow suit!

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