Sunday, March 01, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

This year we decided to host a kid New Year's Party. It was fairly last minute that we planned it, but we ended up with a good crowd and a lot of fun! We had appetizers and drinks and the kids all played nicely. We had a nice group of ages too!
Matthew was a big hit with the kids - he might have been the favorite "toy" of the night!

Then we had noise makers and confetti and sparkling grape juice in plastic champagne flutes and counted down to 9:00!

Everyone getting ready as we started the count down!
You can even see Matthew being held in the back so he was part of the fun!

Happy New Year!!
Of course we had real champagne for the adults and Paul made some toasts.
Matthew was a party baby and seemed to enjoy being passed around.  He was in a good mood right up until the end of the party (or rather, after the countdown, at which point I put him to bed). 
He gladly wore his party hat!

 Juliette had another New Year's disappointment.  She fell asleep last year and did not get to celebrate with the noise makers and confetti, so she kept telling me that this year she was going to be awake and get to do it.  Fast forward to the big countdown...her confetti popper didn't pop!  She came over crying.  All the excitement and she still didn't get to experience it :(
 Everyone had a lot of fun and we were in bed by 11 (which is good for me as I don't stay up late).  On to 2015!!!

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