Friday, July 17, 2015


When we got back from spring break, it was the week leading up to Easter, so we had a lot of Easter prep to get done! The kids had Good Friday off of school (perk to going to a Catholic school), so we got to work making some Easter crafts.  Abbey helped Matthew make his egg.
And when Daddy got home we got right to work dying the eggs.
This is some classic family fun right here!
Matthew seemed to enjoy it too.
With Daddy's help.
The girls wanted to help Matthew out too.  Can you tell from his blueish lips that he tried to eat the egg right after it came out from being dyed?
I believe we dyed about 4 dozen eggs this year.  Luckily, the girls love eating hard boiled eggs so we didn't mind making that many.  
Easter morning - the kids were up early eager to see if the Easter Bunny came!
Come on Mom, let us go down and look!  Stop taking pictures!!
Oh Boy!  We got some goodies in our baskets!
Mom, I think I am going to like this Easter thing...

I got candy AND chap-stick!!
Cutie pie

The Easter Bunny even remembered Belle this year!
Then it was time to begin the egg hunt inside the house....oh look, Matthew found one in his toy!
He got really into looking for eggs once he realized there were jelly beans inside the eggs!
Look at all the eggs Juju found!
Dad helped Matthew find another one!
More jelly beans...happy baby...
After the indoor egg hunt, it was time to get ready for Church.  Boy this family cleans up  nicely!
Silly baby :)
 We are a colorful bunch!

Ready for Church!
Love of my life

After Church we had our outdoor egg hunt, which is where the Easter Bunny hides the real eggs.
Good finding Juj!
Sweet sisters holding hands looking for eggs together.
After we found all the eggs (good thing we counted) and had some more candy (it's OK on Easter), we headed over to the Acuff's.  This is the carrot cake we made to bring over.
The annual cousin picture taken on the wall (missing Tim this year).
Our Easter Feast!  It was truly delicious - thank you Aunt Domi and Uncle Brandon for hosting us and making this delicious feast!
Just having some fun together at home.

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