Saturday, July 18, 2015


In May, the girls had their dance recitals. Abbey took a Jazz class this year and Juliette was in Ballet. They were both super excited for their big performances.
Strike a pose!
Juliette is a Prima Ballerina (which was also the name of the song she danced to!).
Abbey is ready for a Girls Party (name of her song!).
Friends from dance.

Abbey gets into it!

I love this picture - she just looks like she is having so much fun dancing!

Juliette's turn!

They both did awesome!  I love recital day - it is so fun to see them up there really enjoying themselves!  I get a little teary watching them every year.  

Congrats flowers from Daddy

Supportive brothers...Matthew actually really enjoyed watching all the dances (thank you Paul and Ben for going early and getting us great seats up front), but in between performances the whole theater was dark and he did not like that part.  He cried during that time and then immediately stopped once the next music started or the curtain went up.
It was a great afternoon!  I will try to get the videos uploaded because they are so cute!

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