Sunday, January 03, 2016

Every fall, we have a few Friday's off of school where the teachers have training or other things happen that require a day off. I usually try to do something fun with the kids on their day off and so I took them to a working farm near us.  We got to see live animals and work on the animal sounds with Matthew.  I think he enjoyed it.  He knows most of the animal sounds, but fun to see the real animals!
The kids seemed to enjoy showing Mathew everything.  He's at such a fun age where he is really interested in everything and learning so much.  He loves to be taught by his siblings and they love teaching him new things too.
LOVE this picture.  It was totally not posed by me either - they all just were walking that way!
Matthew checking out the horses.
Then we made our way to the farm house, which was actually a museum inside to show how a farm works.
They had really cute rocking chairs outside.
Inside, the kids got to work together to build a silo out of blocks.
Ben taught Matthew how to milk a cow in the fresh milk exhibit.
Juliette shows Matthew the map of the farm.
And back outside there were tractors you could climb on for pictures.

After a fun morning, it was time to head home for Matthew's nap.  Good thing I have helpers to walk with him.
One last quick picture by some pumpkins though!
We stopped for a quick lunch before going home.  What a great morning!
On another day off of school I decided to take the kids to a pumpkin patch.  I had heard good things about the place where we go strawberry picking, so we headed out there for the morning.  You will notice in some of these pictures that Abbey is holding a red bull (Benny the Bull from the Chicago Bulls Basketball team).  Her teacher gives it to one student each weekend and they have to bring it around, take pictures with it, and journal the adventures they had with it.  Abbey was thrilled to get Benny on a 3 day weekend, so of course he came to the pumpkin patch with us!

Abbey ready to drive the tractor.
On the wagon ride out to the patch.

Ben found a big one right away!
Abbey took Matthew and headed off in a different direction to find a good one.
Matthew found one just his size.
Juliette picked a good one too.

The rule was that they had to be able to carry it on their own....I couldn't carry all the pumpkins!!
Abbey was happy that Ben said he would help her to carry the one she picked out.
My little pumpkins.

Time to go home.  Abbey really likes walking with Matthew.
In other happenings during fall, Ben joined the beginner band at school.  He is learning to play the trombone.  He gets lessons once a week during school, once a week after school and once a week before school.  He is enjoying it and we are loving listening to him as he progresses.  Mathew loves to help Ben practice.
And Matthew continues to grow and become a big boy.  
He often grabs books and sits on the couch to look through them.  I love how interested he is in books, just like his siblings!
Another picture of Abbey and Benny.
Ben is playing travel soccer again this year.  His team is really good and didn't lose a game all season, finishing 1st in their division.  Here they are after a weekend tournament.
They did awesome!

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