Friday, January 01, 2016

First Day of School

Before we knew it, summer was over and it was time to head back to school.  Everyone was excited though.  It's hard to believe, but this year we have a first grader...
 A second grader....
 A fourth grader...
 And an 18 month old that did not want to be left out!  
 This might be my favorite picture of the year!
The boys. 
 The girls.
 I got great pictures this year.  The kids were very cooperative and kept arranging themselves in new poses.  I just clicked when they told me to - it was fun!

 But then it was time to get going.  Matthew is so lucky to have such big helpers in his siblings!

 She's ready!
 In the car, ready to go!
And dropped off at school!  This year, for the first time, all 3 kids are in school all day.  Matthew and I really miss them during the day! 
This year, the first day of school landed on Juliette's 6th birthday!  To some, that would be a disappointment to have the first day of school be on your birthday, but this girl loves school and was excited about the fact that she got to go to school on her birthday!
We celebrated with her requested dinner, spaghetti and cauliflower, and then ice cream cones for dessert. 
Happy Birthday Sweet Juju!
 The second day of school needed a picture because she chose to wear her jumper, which is my favorite uniform choice!  Unfortunately, Abbey won't wear the jumper - only the skirts.
 With the kids at school all day, Matthew and I had to find our routine.  Last school year, he napped in the morning and then we picked up Juliette from half day kindergarten.  But Matthew gave up his morning nap over the summer and we no longer have a half day pick-up, so we have all day together.  I signed up for a few Mommy and Me classes (swimming and a tot time), which have been a lot of fun.  But one of the first things we did was get my baby's first hair cut.  Although I adored his curls, it was time to get a big boy hair cut.  One last curl picture before we go though!
 Matthew was awesome during the hair cut.  He is so laid back that it really didn't phase him.  He got to sit in a car chair, so he liked that.  
The lady was very nice and kept telling him what a good boy he was.  He just went with it, like most things! 

 They turned on a Thomas the Train TV show for him so every now and then he would point to the TV and say "Train!"
 And just like that, in a matter of minutes, Matthew went from baby to toddler.  But he looked adorable!
 And he was excited to get a lolly pop after it was done too!
 So handsome!
 Although Matthew loves playing with his siblings, he enjoys his quiet time at home where he can play without interruption too.
 And I am enjoying my time with him.
 Sweet baby!
 And since Juliette's birthday was the first day of school, they couldn't really celebrate that day.  So the next week they celebrated in school and we got to go in and read a story of her choosing to the class.  Daddy and Matthew got to come too!
And wow, we are off to another great start to the school year!!

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