Friday, January 01, 2016

Grandparents' Day

One of the first weeks back at school, they have a Grandparents' Day celebration at school. Since we don't have grandparents that live around here, I usually go to this event at school just so the kids have someone there. But this year, for the first time, we actually thought about it before school started and sent out the date to the grandparents to see if any of them could come for the weekend. Madgie and Patch came up and the kids were so excited to be able to fully participate in Grandparents' Day this year.  The girls got up early and wanted to look extra pretty.  My different girls - I had to straighten Juliette's hair and curl Abbey's hair.  But they both looked so pretty.
The day starts out with a family Mass.  Patch and Ben sat together.
Madgie sat with Juliette.
After Mass, they got a chance to visit each child in their classroom and do a quick activity with them.  Madgie visited Abbey first.

Abbey enjoyed doing the activity and showing Madgie around her classroom.
Patch went to visit Juliette.

The kids also had some art work that they did on display.  I love Juliette's that was hanging on the wall outside her classroom.  It says "Grandparents are special because they care for me.  They also give me coloring books.  I like when we go swimming in their pool.  I like going on their jet ski."  Then she drew a very good picture of the jet ski!  She was very detailed and pointed out to me that Patch was on the jet ski behind her (notice his hair on both sides of his head) and the dock and even the curly key chord.  I was impressed with her attention to detail!
Madgie and Patch visit Ben in his classroom.
Ben shows Madgie the Smart Board.
The next morning, we went for a long bike ride/walk over to the Farmers' Market and library.  Madgie brought the kids these cool shirts that changed colors in the sun.  It was a very fun visit.  Thanks for coming up!

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