Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Yellowstone Part 1

Last June, we took an amazing trip with Madgie, Patch, Uncle Chris, Aunt Ginny and Brendan to Yellowstone National Park. There was a government program where 4th graders got into all National Parks for free, so we took advantage of that since Ben had just finished the fourth grade. We flew into Salt Lake City and rented 3 RV's to travel up to Yellowstone. It took a little getting used to driving the big RV (for me, as the passenger, ha!), but once we got used to it, things felt better and off we went! Paul was an excellent driver, although sometimes he drove a little faster than I would have liked and I had to remind him that we were in an RV, not a sports car :) But I can't complain because he got us everywhere very safely (and efficiently). Thanks for driving Paul!
The kids loved it because they got to play card games while we were driving.
Once we got to Yellowstone, we had three connecting campsites that served as home base for the week.  We had so much fun cooking over the campfire and just playing around outside in the woods.
Patch enjoyed cooking over the fire again, just like we did on our trips growing up!
The kids even got in on the cooking!  We made biscuits and hot dogs on sticks over the fire.
And Matthew really enjoyed eating all of the hot breakfasts we made!
The kids really had a lot of fun around the campsites just running around together being outside - the best kind of fun!
A little brotherly love :)

King of the Mountain!
Our first full day we went to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and saw the big Yellowstone Waterfall, which was beautiful.
We took a little hike to see the falls better.

Family Photo!
We packed a picnic lunch to enjoy at the lookout point.
And we made sure to dab wherever we went.

This shot would have been awesome, except we cut out Matthew from Paul's back!
There he is!
Love this shot of Abbey girl.
Back at the campsite, Aunt Ginny brought out some coloring supplies for the kids to make a card for Grandma as she was in the hospital.
I love camping because the men do all the cooking!

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