Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Yellowstone Part 2

We went to visit Old Faithful and all of the other geysers around that area. What an amazing place - just nothing like it anywhere else in the world!
Of course the kids got a kick out of seeing these huge Buffalo Chips everywhere.
Walking around the boardwalk to see the various geysers.
Our group
We were very lucky in that we happened to come across some knowledgeable people that told us the indicators for the Beehive Geyser were started and that it would likely erupt very soon.  This geyser is not nearly as predictable as Old Faithful and goes off once every 18-24 hours.  It is larger than Old Faithful as it shoots water about 200 feet in the air.  So, we decided to wait around and see this thing go off!
It was incredible!  So much water came out and with the wind blowing, you just couldn't escape getting wet!

Paul tried to get Matthew away from it, but there was nowhere to go as the wind kept shifting.
They enjoyed watching it though.
Ben really liked it!
After that, Matthew was pretty upset that he was drenched and started getting cold.  It really wasn't cold out, but if you were wet, it started to get chilly.  So I gave him my sweatshirt to wear.
That made him happy again.
The Beehive went off and while it was going off, Old Faithful went off too.  We saw it, but not up close, so we decided to wait around for another hour or so to see it up close.  We got some lunch and put Matthew's shirt out in the sun to dry off.  
I just think this picture of Paul smiling at Matthew is really cute.
And then we got to see Old Faithful go off too, which was exciting, although not as exciting at the Beehive!  The kids liked it though.

Juliette got a little tired of walking and she is very lucky her Daddy is so nice and agreed to carry her in Matthew's backpack while we walked in another area to look at the paint pots.

Wow, Daddy carrying two kiddos while enjoying the view of bubbling mud!
These two just  leaned on a tree for a rest.
After a long day of walking, we went back to the campsite to relax and cook dinner over the fire.  These two need some cuddle time.
I think Paul's favorite part was cooking over the campfire!
Matthew was such a trooper on this trip.  I got him to nap some days, but other days he just skipped it or fell asleep while we were driving.  He was pretty happy most of the time, but enjoyed some downtime with his cars at the campsite.  Tired baby!

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