Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Yellowstone Part 4

One night we went to a Chuck Wagon dinner, which was so fun!  We could have ridden a horse or taken a covered wagon.  Nobody in our group was interested in riding a horse, so we all took the wagon ride.
Love Love Love this picture!
All the wagons lined up once we got to the camp.
Madgie bought us all Yellowstone shirts and we got a great group shot.
We tried to get a shot of the cousins, but this was the best one.  It's hard to get everyone smiling and looking at the camera, but I think this turned out pretty cute!
I love this picture of Paul looking at me - we are finding something very funny!
Family picture of just my brood!
And of course, our silly picture!
Madgie and Patch - love these two!!
Then we went over to say hi to the horses.
Matthew was a little unsure, so his siblings helped to introduce him to the horses while making sure he was comfortable.  Matthew is a lucky baby to have such awesome siblings that love him so much!
Tried getting a shot of the kids, but Matthew couldn't take his eyes off the horses!
Uncle Chris was introducing Brendan to the horses too.
Aww, Brendan likes the horse!
Ginny and Brendan with the horse.
Love this picture of Matthew and Madgie!
Then the boys started playing in the stream.  They were throwing rocks and then started to build a dam.
I love this picture of the boys being boys!

Ben showing Matthew and Brendan how it's done.
Matthew could not get enough of playing in the stream.  
On the ride back, the kids got to sit in front with the driver.
It was a really fun evening.

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