Saturday, May 20, 2017

Abbey's Birthday!

Abbey's birthday is July 7 and it is always a fun time to celebrate.  On her actual birthday, all she wanted to do was go to Chuck E Cheese's, so off we went for a morning of fun!  The kids loved playing all of the games and playing with Matthew too.
 They had fun practicing their basketball skills.

 Matthew loved any games that had balls, but the trick was getting him to not throw those balls around Chuck E Cheese!

 I love this picture because it really shows how much fun Abbey is having!
 Matthew was very unsure about the mouse!

Then we had a pizza lunch and went home.  It was a very fun morning!
Later that afternoon, Abbey got to open some family gifts.  
She was excited to get the money from Mama Kay and Papa!
After a spaghetti dinner (her choice), we had a cookie cake for her.

Abbey wanted a pool/water birthday party, so we set up our backyard with some water fun and invited her friends over for an afternoon of fun.  She also wanted it to be basketball themed.
 We had our inflatable pool set up in front of the swings for the kids to swing into and the slip and slide at the end of our slide.
 Juliette ready to swing into the pool.
 Ben tests out the water slide-slip and slide.
 Caroline swinging into the pool.

 Then we had several water games planned, which were a lot of fun.

 We separated the girls into teams and did the sponge relay.

 And the pass water back in a cup relay.
 The two teams passing water back - it was funny to watch!
 Then some more free play with the slides.

 We also had a craft planned where you decorated flip flops with cut out fabric.  It turned out really cute.

 While the girls were doing their craft, Matthew finally felt comfortable getting in the pool to play.

 After pizza, we had her basketball cake all ready to go (this was one of the easier cakes I have been asked to make - thank you Abbey!).

 It was a fun party.  Once all the girls left, Abbey opened up her presents.

 You can see the finished product of the flip flops on Juliette.
 We continued the celebrations of Abbey's birthday with a Mommy and Me date to the American Girl store.  Abbey kindly lent me a doll to take as well :)
I always look forward to some one-on-one time with the kids as it is scarce to come by with 4 kids in the house!
Abbey was very excited and really looked adorable in the outfit she picked out for herself and her dolls.  While we were there, she used a gift card and money that she had received from her birthday plus her allowance savings to buy the new doll of the year, Leah.
 For her birthday, I told her I would let her take one of her dolls to the hair salon to get her hair done.  So Abbey brought her doll that had the most tangled hair - smart move!  

They did an awesome job - look how beautiful it looks now!

 This was Saige, the first AG doll Abbey ever got.  It was so nice to see her pretty again and Abbey excited about her again!
We also had breakfast at the cafe, which is always fun (and delicious).  Abbey wanted to take a picture of me, after I had been taking pictures of her all morning! 
 Then she took a selfie, which turned out super cute!
 Happy Girl!
It is always fun to celebrate birthdays.  Happy Birthday pretty girl!!

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