Saturday, May 20, 2017

Summer is a time for lots of fun, whether at home, at festivals, or at parties.  Sometimes you just have to make a fort and watch a movie together!

We always go to the Irish Festival.  This year Abbey's friend was Irish Dancing in the festival, so we sat down to watch her dance.
The Irish Festival has balloon art (Juliette's arm turtle was a big hit) and face painting.

This year for my birthday I got a bike.  Juliette learned to ride her bike on a warm day in the winter, so I knew we were finally ready for some family bike rides.  Matthew is in the trailer and we are ready to go!
We rode to the Frozen Yogurt place about a mile from us.  It was really fun and helped work off that tasty treat!
It's a fun place because they had bags and games set up outside in their courtyard to play on a nice day while you enjoy your yogurt.
Summer is a great time for popsicles too - just ask Matthew!
And the big news that Juliette was waiting for - she finally lost her first tooth!!
The girls had their first sleepover with their friend Grace.
And the boys goofed off in the mall while waiting for the girls to finish up an event at a store.
We made sure to spend some time at the Acuff's, especially when they brought home a new puppy, Evee.
The kids really enjoyed holding and playing with her.
Having fun swinging in the backyard.

And relaxing in the hammock with the puppy.

It was really cute to watch Matthew hold and play with the puppy!

Awww, kisses!

Juliette liked holding her too.
And Abbey held her as much as possible too.
We also had a summer party at our house.  This was the kids' idea and they planned the entire thing, including all kinds of fun activities!  Ben spent time researching and building a dunk tank! 
And we had a pinata!

 We went in reverse age (or height) order to ensure everyone got a turn.  Some candy burst out, which sent the kids running, but there was still more batting to do!
 The older kids had to put their head on the bat and spin around a few times before batting!
 The Long twin girls watched on in amusement!
 More head spinning.
 Finally it all came out!

 Matthew was excited to find a lollipop! 
 Finally everyone relaxed on the couch with a movie.
I love summer fun!

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