Wednesday, May 24, 2017

TN Visit 2016

We took our annual end of summer trip down to TN to visit Mama Kay and Papa after we left NJ.  The kids really enjoy fishing off of their dock!
And relaxing with Dad.
We were excited that our trip overlapped with Uncle David and Virginia.  Matthew was excited to help Uncle David cook on the grill.
Matthew also enjoyed swimming in the lake with Abbey.

And playing on the big floaties.

Juliette in a buoyancy suit to make swimming off the dock a little easier.
It's just fun to swim off the dock!

Matthew liked fishing too!

Uncle David teaching him how to fish.

And we got to play with their new kyacks! 
While we were there, we celebrated the August birthdays of Virginia and Juliette with cakes of their requested flavors - thank you Mama Kay!

The fishing is usually pretty good off of their dock - nice catch Ben!
Matthew waving hi to the fish, but he didn't want to touch him.
He was so cute fishing.
More fun in the lake!

Even the girls agree that this is a very relaxing place to be!
Lunch on the dock.
The kids actually enjoyed tubing off of the back of the boat this year - something that they have been nervous about in the past!

And trips to the beach are always fun.

Make smores by the fire pit - yum!
And we went to a little farm stand where you can pick your own vegetables!

Mama Kay and Papa had this really cool pool that Matthew enjoyed on the dock.
And we got to see Madgie and Patch and borrow their jet skis for a little fun too.

Juliette tried the water ski training float off the back of the boat - new this year to her!

The kids really enjoyed riding the "hot dog" behind the boat together!

Even Matthew tried tubing with Daddy!
Looks like he is enjoying it, but he quickly wanted to stop!
Ben and Virginia watching off the back of the boat.  It was so nice to have some cousin time with her.

I guess tubing is pretty tiring because baby fell asleep in the boat after that!
Paddle boarding was a fun new thing to try!
But most exciting for Matthew was the house being built across the street.  Every day he would watch the construction trucks come in and do stuff!
He got really excited when Mama Kay took him outside to watch it up close and the guy working offered to let Matthew ride on this!!
Matthew was SO excited about this!
The girls riding the hot dog - a first for Abbey this year!

All 3 kids on the hot dog - it was their favorite thing this trip!
But they quickly fell off - perhaps 3 is too many!

We went over to Madgie and Patch's house for dinner and got to ride in their golf cart.
And we got to celebrate Juliette's birthday again with a Texas Sheet Cake that Madgie made - a family favorite!

A little more time on the jet skis.

Matthew showing off his awesome lake hair!
Although I am not sure it can quite compete with Ben's lake hair!

As usual, we had an awesome trip.  We love to come visit and relax at the lake at the end of summer - it's a perfect place to really relax and have fun together with family before heading back and getting ready for the start of school.  Thank you Mama Kay and Papa for having us and always being so fun to spend time with!!

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