Friday, June 09, 2017

Juliette's Birthday

The end of summer also means it is time for Juliette's birthday! On her special day, she wanted to go to Build A Bear, so we went and let her pick out a new bear and an outfit.  It is always a fun trip to that store where you pick everything out and then watch them fill the bear with life (i.e., stuff it!).

It was a fun morning and Juliette was very happy with her new bear.
That night, after her requested spaghetti and cauliflower dinner, we had a cookie cake for her (notice her still holding her new bear).

For her birthday party this year, she wanted to invite a bunch of girls to our house to play with their American Girl dolls.  So, I made her this cake, which looks like the box an American Girl doll comes in (if you didn't know) with Juliette's face in the box!  I think it turned out super cute - Juliette loved it and her friends all seemed impressed!

Each of the girls brought their own doll (although we had extras if someone didn't have one or forgot).  We had a hair station (which was surprisingly the most popular).
She LOVED this party!
I was doing a lot of the doll's hair (in case you can't tell, I loved this party too!).
We had most of our AG toys out to play with too.
Then we did a few crafts.  We had each girl decorate with fabric markers a t-shirt for their doll.  They also made sleep masks for themselves and their dolls to match.  
We had pizza while watching one of the American Girl doll movies.

And then it was time for cake!  It was a really fun party and the girls all seemed to enjoy it. 
The next day I took Juliette to the American Girl store for breakfast.

It was a fun mommy and me time together.
She was happy :)

It was a great time celebrating our Juliette turning 7.  Time flies - I can't believe she is 7!!  Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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