Friday, June 09, 2017

End of Summer

When we returned home from TN, there was only a week and a half left before school started, so we got busy trying to get the rest of our summer bucket list in!  First stop....Lego Land!  Juliette made a turtle out of legos!
It's a super fun place to build whatever you want!
Matthew had fun racing the Lego cars down the tracks!
And it is always fun to see what they make out of Legos - really amazing stuff!
They have a few rides to go on, which Matthew seemed a little unsure of at first, but then enjoyed.
Cool tiger made of Legos!
This is what happens on a summer day when you have two big sisters....
We went to a farm and saw how you collect eggs from chicken nests.
We brought our lunch and had it in the outside rocking chairs.

Matthew was excited that they had real tractors you could climb on!

And the farm animals to see.
It was a fun morning.
This year we added some family service to our activities - we went to Feed My Starving Children to pack meals for third world countries.  
It was a lot of fun - something we definitely want to do again!
Having fun at the party store with two clowns!
We went downtown for a day and enjoyed the spray park.

Matthew did not like getting all wet at first.

But then Abbey sat down with him and showed him how fun splashing around can be.

Tricky Daddy lined the kids up in a specific spot telling them I was trying to take their picture.
Then he quickly backed away when the water burst out - what a great shot of it hitting Ben!
Ha!  That was not what he was expecting!
They made sure to get Daddy back after that though.

Totally drenched, Daddy and Matthew decided to lay in the sun to rest and dry off a little.
Well done - celebrate with a dab!
We brought a change of clothes for the kids so once we dried off, we went over to see The Bean.

Then we walked over to Maggie Daley Park, which is awesome!
The kids love the nest swings.

And the big slides.

This time we added mini golf to the fun too.

And we walked back to our car, taking in the sights along the way.  It was a super fun day in the city and we finished it off with some true Chicago style pizza - perfect summer day downtown!
We had fun at home too - Matthew was so excited to watch some construction across the street from our house!

We made a trip down to Cantigny (with a stop for breakfast along the way).
The kids really enjoy climbing up on all the tanks.

These three made it their mission to climb aboard every tank there - and they accomplished that mission!  Time to celebrate with a dab!
Of course there are a few other cute photo opps that I took advantage of as well.

And we had to get some appointments out of the way before school started too, like the dentist.  Juliette reading to Matthew while waiting.  So cute!

We had such a fun summer.  I love exploring with these kiddos!  

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