Saturday, June 17, 2017

Fall Activities

As we settled back into a school routine, the kids' activities started up again.  Abbey liked baking during any free time we have (which is limited).
Both girls played Park District soccer and Ben played travel soccer again this year.  Matthew, having been to a LOT of soccer games for his siblings, decided it was time to dress the part and join a team.  Although he isn't old enough yet to join a team, we did let him wear the jersey so he felt part of his siblings' teams!  Put me in Coach!
We celebrated Paul's birthday.  For his birthday, I got him tickets to a cubs game to go with friends - Dads' Day Out at the Ballpark!  He really enjoyed the game and it was on his birthday, which was fun.  So we celebrated as a family that weekend with his favorite carrot cake, made with love by his kids (and me)!
Abbey and Juliette did all of the cake decorating this time - I think they did an awesome job!

Happy Birthday Paul!
Matthew had his own classes too.  He loved his gymnastics class!

Ben played soccer for his school again this year (as well as travel club soccer).  But he loved playing for school because it was with his friends.  This year, they won the Catholic School JV Championship in an exciting shoot out!  Ben and Daniel celebrating the awesome win!
The winning team!
Juliette crossed over from Daisy Scouts to Brownies.  I continue to be one of her leaders, which is fun.
What a great group of girls!
Juj and some of her friends after her soccer game.

We love that our kids are active and involved in sports and other activities.  It definitely keeps us busy!  We are so thankful that Matthew is such an easy going and fun loving child - he loves to go along to all the games and be part of whatever his siblings are doing.  It sure makes things a lot easier that he always wants to go too!

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