Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fun Weekend

Whew, what a week. Our family has been pretty sick this past week. Ben stayed home on Monday and Abbey stayed home on Wednesday and Thursday and everyone stayed home on Friday (but that is normal). Then Mommy got sick (bound to happen after spending 4 days home with sick kids). By Friday, we were mostly feeling better and anxious to get out of the house. Luckily, the weather was amazing and we had that opportunity! We bundled up to play outside, but soon found we did not need all that bundling!

On Saturday we went over to our friends' the Glynn's house. Their son Keegan is 2 and their daughter Kasey is one week younger than Juliette. Since the weather was so nice, the kids got to play outside in the sandbox - what a treat for November!

Ben had a great time playing with Keegan and all his cool toys.

Kasey was adorbale, but we tried to keep some distance since we had all been sick this week. I couldn't resist and held her for just a little bit, but we didn't get any pictures unfortunately. Juliette slept through the whole thing, but hopefully next time she will be a little more playful. We had a great time and look forward to having a play date again soon (maybe Keegan can come play with Ben's trains this time). Thanks for having us over!
In other Juliette news, she is now officially sleeping in her crib. I would have done this a long time ago (both Ben and Abbey were out of our room by 8 and 6 weeks respectively), but since Juliette is sharing a room with Abbey, I wanted to ensure she was sleeping through the night first. She started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks, but we kept her in our room until we were fully confident in her sleeping. So we moved her in this weekend and all seemed to go well. Although she wakes up before Abbey, it doesn't seem to wake Abbey up. I am sure there will be lots of times in the years to come when they will wake each other up and we will have to deal with that, but I was pleased that a normal night with slightly different sleep schedules (Juliette goes to bed later and wakes up earlier than Abbey) would not bother either of them! We are getting very close to have a normal routine here - yay!

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