Monday, November 23, 2009


Well we were looking at places to have Ben's 4th birthday party in February and thought about Legoland since it is nice and close to us and Ben loves legos. So, yesterday we went to check it out!

The tour starts by showing all kinds of things they have made out of legos. There were animals, TV characters, movie characters, the city of Chicago and even the President! The museum part was very cool, but Ben was a little too young to fully appreciate it I think. Paul, on the other hand, got a huge kick out of it...

Ben did think Batman was pretty cool...

Here is Ben ready to go on the roller coaster - he was very brave and loved it!

There was also a tour of how they make legos and a 3D Bob the Builder movie that the kids liked. And the best part was the huge play area with slides and all sizes of legos to play with. The kids loved it, but we decided it was a bit too chaotic for a 4 year old birthday party. But it is a great place if you are looking for something different to do - we will probably visit again in the winter months.
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