Friday, April 02, 2010

Family Field Museum Fun!

On Good Friday, we decided to use our membership and take a trip to the Field Museum with the cousins and Mama Kay and Papa. Here are Caroline, Ben, Abbey and Andrew.

Abbey had a great time, but was EXHAUSTED by the end. She did a lot of running around!

Ben got a dinosaur souvenir.

Uncle Brandon with Andrew, Ben and Caroline.

Uncle Brandon got some Juliette time too. She fell asleep quickly in his arms.

Ben and Abbey discovered how fun it is to ride a dinosaur bone...

On the way home, Ben asked to ride the train. So we dropped Ben and Daddy off at the train station and met them back out in the burbs. Ben was super excited to ride the train again. Here they are running to meet us at the station.

What a great day!!

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