Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pre-Easter Egg Hunt

The day before Easter, our Church had a blessing of Easter baskets and an Easter egg hunt, so we decided to check it out this year. Aunt Teesa came too and look who they all got to meet!

Here are the kids getting ready to hunt for eggs.

And after the hunt, with their baskets and found eggs.

It was a pretty crazy egg hunt - kids running around like crazy. There were a few times when we were pointing out an egg to Abbey and she was only a few inches away from it when some other kid would run up and grab it. After this happened a few times, I got defensive and told another kid to leave it because she was going to get it. Sad that I have to point that out to kids. But all in all, it was fun. Later on, the kids needed some downtime, so Abbey decided to read a story to Juliette.

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