Monday, January 10, 2011

The Cone of Shame!

Chien is 8.5 years old now, which is getting up there for a large dog, and he has so far had zero health problems, which the vet was pretty amazed at. However, at his last check-up, I asked them to check a lump on his left back and they wanted to remove it. At first, we were unsure whether we really want to pursue taking it off due to the high cost and being unsure as to what we would do if it came back as something serious. But, we decided to go ahead with the procedure. Poor Chien went into surgery to have it removed, but thankfully, it came back benign! Now he just has to wear the "cone of shame" for 2 weeks while he has his stitches. He is quite clumsy with it on and has knocked poor Juliette down several times to the point where she runs away if he comes near her! It is pretty funny to watch him try to go up the stairs though as he gets the cone caught on each step and has to thrust his head back to clear the step.

His incision...
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