Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We finally had the chance to have some fun in all this snow...Ben has been asking for a while now if we could go sledding, and it finally worked out. We made some last minute plans with Aunt Theresa, Aunt Domi and Cousin Caroline and headed down to Naperville to sled with them. Abbey is all ready to go!

Juliette was a little unsure of the whole thing, but she was quite the trooper. She didn't laugh as we went down the hill, but she didn't cry either.
Ben was thrilled to go down as often as possible.
After a while, Juliette just wanted to be held...thanks Aunt Theresa!
Aunt Theresa did get to go down a lot though - here she is with Abbey, who also loved it!
Aunt Theresa also got to down with Abbey and Juliette - looks like fun!
Ben loved going down the hill with anyone or by himself too - check out his face here...yeah, I think he enjoyed it!
Daddy takes Juju down the hill!

Aunt Theresa with Abbey, Caroline and Juju...
Mommy and Juliette...

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