Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Old Friends

While home, we got the chance to catch up with some of our friends from high school, who now also have children! Kelley (McKean) Peck and Kelly (Obringer) Fredlake both have daughters (Libbie and Emily, respectively) that were born just a month later than Juliette, so it was fun to watch the little girls walk around together.

Janice Taylor with one of her sons (Grayson) who is now 5 months old. Her oldest boy, Shane, is about the same age as Abbey.
Here are Landon and Libbie Peck playing on the piano with Ben and Abbey.
Ben and Landon had a blast playing together, especially in these costumes Ben got for Christmas!

It was so fun to see you girls and catch up - hope to see you again soon!
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