Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Weekend Fun

Well we had not much going on this past weekend other than our usual activities, so I thought I would share what those are. Actually, we did start the weekend with something unusual...the Royal Wedding! In order to celebrate a real life prince and princess getting married, we made our own crowns! Here is the Royal Prince of our house...

Our youngest princess...

The royal children! I actually recorded the wedding and watched it with the girls while Ben was in school. Abbey enjoyed watching the princess walk down the aisle and then seeing the prince, but then declared the whole thing boring! She became interested again when they got into their horse-drawn carriage though. I enjoyed watching it anyway! The next day she saw a picture from our wedding and told me that I looked like a princess - what a sweetie!

Now on to our usual weekend activities...Abbey has been taking gymnastics on Saturday mornings, which she loves!

It is basically an open gym that I go to with her, but when she turns 3 she will get to go to the class without parent involvement and actually learn stuff, so that will be fun!

After gymnastics we had some time to kill before our next activity, so we stopped at a park to play for a bit. Abbey and I enjoyed these funny chair swings.

Awww, sweet sisters!

Good climbing Ben Ben!

Now Abbey's turn...

Time for a quick snack and then we have to go to...

Ben's soccer game!

Yeah, Ben loves soccer - he gives it a big thumbs up! And he scored a goal in his first game (although they don't keep score).

Luckily, Aunt Theresa was there to cheer on Ben and help move Juliette to the right field.

That is our typical Saturday for right now. Luckily, all of this activity ends before lunch and the kids are usually pretty tired from such an active morning that they take good naps too!
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