Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, I certainly had a wonderful Mother's Day! It started with sleeping in (always a great way to start the day - thank you Paul for getting up with the kids) and then a delicious spinach, onion and goat cheese omelet (thanks Paul). I got some beautiful cards and then it was time to head to Church. After Church, we were off to Home Depot for our Mother's Day tradition. The kids pick out all kinds of flowers to plant around the yard and spend all day with Daddy planting them (I don't like doing it, but I love the results). Luckily, it was beautiful out today and we got to enjoy the whole day soaking up the sun and warm temps. I made a quick lunch and we spread out a blanket to have a picnic on the grass - it was fantastic! Here are the 3 amazing children that allowed me to become a Mommy in the first place - love them!

Juju gets down to give Daddy some planting advice...

Abbey gets her garderning gloves on...

The girls got a little bored, so we got out some toys to play with. Juliette enjoyed pushing Abbey around in the car.

Uh oh, traffic jam!

Every car needs a watering can included...

Ben was diligent about helping Daddy get all the flowers planted. He worked hard and actually fell asleep during his rest time today!

They turned out beautiful and with the rain we are supposed to get this week, I can't wait to watch them grow! Thank you Paul for a great day!

And I would like to wish a very Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mother who has taught me so much about being a parent, my amazing mother-in-law, who has also taught me a lot, my wonderful grandmothers Nana and Mimi, who were outstanding mothers in raising my mom and dad, and Paul's wonderful grandmothers Gandy and Grandma Sam (in Heaven) who raised his wonderful mom and dad as well. Examples of love for children and good parenting has passed down the generations and each of you have made Paul and me the parents we are and the parents we continually strive to be. We love you all!
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