Saturday, December 10, 2011


In the abundance of pictures from Thanksgiving and my very late blogging about it, I noticed that I seemed to have forgotten to describe what we did on Wednesday during the day. Abbey had dance class so we all went to watch her (which she loved). We couldn't be in the room, but the waiting room has a tv with a direct feed into the class, so we get to watch her every week while she is dancing away!

After dance class, we went to the downtown Arlington Heights Park (which is right next to the dance class) and see all of its Christmas decorations! Watch out Santa, the sled has a new driver!

Oh good, Papa will help her drive!

And Mama Kay will help her walk around the fountain...which has been transformed into the landing for the huge Christmas tree (although we did not make it to the tree lighting ceremony this year). there is some collaborative driving...sounds very safe I'm sure...

This was cute - Ben pretended that each of the grandparents was a gift (which of course they are, but he meant the tangible kind) and he was driving the sleigh to different places and dropping off the gifts (at which point the respective grandparent would get off the back of the sleigh). I love this picture though!

Ok, now I should be all caught up on Thanksgiving...I will get caught up on everything else soon hopefully!
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