Friday, March 23, 2012

Juju's 2 1/2 years old!

So this is a little late, but Juliette turned 2.5 in February and she went in for her wellness check-up. She was 33 3/4 inches tall and 28 1/4 lbs. That put her in the 10th percentile for height and 45% for weight! She is a tiny little thing with a big belly, which at her age is still very cute (not so cute at my age though).

Juliette has been potty trained since a few weeks before Christmas and she is quite proud of it. Her gymnastics teacher was asking me if she was young or just a little one. She quickly informed him that she was in fact a big girl and that she wore big girl underwear too! She also likes pointing out that everyone in our family is potty trained and yesterday, when I was talking about a babysitter coming to stay with the kids, she informed me that we did not have any babies in our family (at which point Ben decided to call her the "kidsitter").

She is quite independent and quite different than Abbey at that age. Juliette likes to go off and play by herself. Abbey likes to play with Ben or Juliette, but rarely plays by herself. Juliette will easily just go play whatever it is that she wants to play at that moment, not minding at all if nobody else wants to play that with her at that moment. She also is not very shy and will go up to anybody and talk to them, so we have some stranger danger talks that need to happen coming up! She likes to be held though and is definitely the baby of our family.

Juliette still naps really well, although we have not switched her to a big girl bed yet. We will likely be getting the girls bunk beds soon though so we'll see how that goes.

She loves breakfast - her favorite meal of the day and pretty much the only meal she always finishes. She is getting very good at eating her veggies though as she has come to understand that dessert only comes if she eats her dinner well. I love listening to her talk and tell us about things. She fully participates in family discussions at dinner now, which is really fun.

We call her Juju about as often as we call her Juliette and I noticed in the past few dance and gymnastics classes that when asked her name, she responds with Juju! So we'll see what happens next year when she goes to preschool! She is still our little Julie Bean and we love watching her grow!

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