Wednesday, March 07, 2012

President's Day

The day after Ben's party was President's Day, so Ben had off of school! And we had his friend Aiden over because he was also off of school and both his parents work, so he came over to play for the day! The weather was nice, so we took Belle on her first walk to the park (many more to come I am sure). Aiden wanted to walk her first...

Nobody was at the park, so we let Belle off leash to run around a bit.

She really enjoyed all the new smells.

And running around!

Just a pretty shot of Belle!

Pretty girl...

I just love the lighting on this one!

And we took the chance to blow some bubbles too.

Ah, finally warm enough to get back on the tire swing...Ben's favorite!

Even more fun with another person on it too!

Then it was time to walk home.  Abbey, being such a strong girl, pulled Juliette in the wagon the entire way home.  Juliette enjoyed it, but she wanted to hold my hand!

Ben got to walk Belle home.

It was a very fun day!
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