Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Camping and Recitals

Computer issue resolved and now I can start to catch up on everything that has happened this summer (this will be no small feat, so bear with me). Way back in May (yes, I have to go back to May to catch up), Ben went on his spring cub scout camping trip. The theme was "Are you tougher than a Cub Scout?" and it had several races/obstacles set up where the parents competed against the cub scouts. It was a fun time for all!  Here are some pictures of Ben doing the obstacles...

Good high knees...looks ready for fall football!

Putting his soccer skills to work!

Then there was the ceremony where he went from being a Tiger Scout to being a Wolf Scout - Congrats Ben!

Getting his new handkerchief and slide, put on by his awesome Den Leader (and father).

The girls and I did not attend the spring camp out because the next day was their big recital and I wanted to make sure they had plenty of sleep before their big day.  Here they are all ready to go!

Before we went in!

Abbey was very nervous.  She was crying in the car on the way to the recital saying she didn't want to do it...this happened last year as well.

But once she hit the stage, she was AMAZING!

She knew the routine so well and did such a great job.  Her dancing brought tears to my eyes and I was so incredibly proud of her!

Then it was Juju's turn - she is in the middle of this picture, looking so tiny compared to her friends!

She did AWESOME!

Her routine was adorbale and she did it very well and seemed to have a lot of fun with it too!


Afterwards with her flowers, very excited from the whole experience!

While Juju basked in the glow of a good performance, Abbey was a bit done at this point.  She was proud of herself, but ready to move on!  This picture sums it up pretty well.

We managed a few cute pictures though.

With the promise of ice cream as soon as we got some pictures...

OK Abbey, show us how you are really feeling right now...goofy :)

Then it was out for ice cream to celebrate!  I will try to post the videos of their performances because they are too cute!
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