Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Moving on Up!

I know I posted earlier that we moved, but now it's time for some details. The Tuesday after Memorial Day, we had movers come and empty our house. I had to take some pictures from memory's sake of our empty house.  This is from the front door looking up into the family room.

Our office area


Basement bathroom (which we added in 2006 when we finished the basement)

Laundry room (also added in 2006 during basement finishing)

Our kitchen that I asbolutely loved (redone in 2011)

Family room

Upstairs bathroom that all 5 of us shared

Our master bedroom

Girls room

Ben's room

Upstairs hallway

Backyard (sadly, we had to leave our playset as part of negotiations, but we plan to buy the same one for our new house soon)

Luckily, Mama Kay and Papa came up to help us!  Because we had to move out on a separate day than when we could move in, we rented UHaul trucks and separate movers.  To store things with a moving company is extremely expensive, so this was the best option.  It turned out to be a very good ideaa as our closing was delayed and we were in a hotel for almost a week before we could close and move in to our new house, which would have cost a fortune with the moving company, if they could have even accomodated keeping our stuff that long. 

And the kids got a kick out of playing in the truck too.

Juju waving bye to our old house!

Our family in front of our old house.  This is the house that Paul and I moved into as soon as we got married and where we started our family.  When we bought the house we certainly never thought we would have had 3 kids in it and 2 dogs.  Our plan was to be in it for 3-5 years...11 years later, we were finally in a position to move to something bigger.

It was sad to leave the house.  I think I would have been more emotional about it had the process been smoother.  There was so much stress about the closing on both houses and the delays and last minute issues that I just wanted it all to be done.  In a way, that made leaving easier though!

Time to go!
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