Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Day!

Well, if you can believe it, Paul and I woke up at 5:30 on Christmas morning and were so excited to see if Santa had come! But, we couldn't take a peek without the kids so we waited in bed until Juliette came in around 6:30 and asked if she could go look downstairs. We told her to wake up her brother and sister and we would all go down together.  And this is what we found...
I would say the kids were excited!
But the kids weren't the only ones who had matching PJ's!  Thanks goes back to Aunt Theresa and Aunt Domi who got everyone matching PJ's several Christmases ago!
Ben immediately started scanning the presents to see if any of the boxes could be big enough to have his Razor Scooter that he asked for...he got it!
Abbey's main request this year was for an American Girl doll...look at her smile!
She got Saige!
Now we all know that Belle was on the naughty list this year.  Among the many things she has chewed, I think she was officially booted off the nice list when she chewed up Elfie Scoutie, the Elf that comes to visit us before Christmas and report back to Santa.  And we all talked about whether or not Santa would bring Belle anything.  Sure enough, Christmas morning, Belle's stocking was EMPTY!  I guess Santa really does abide by his naughty and nice list (a good lesson for us all)!  Luckily for her though, I bought her a raw hide candy cane for Christmas so she wasn't completely forgotten.
The kids got a very cool indoor croquet set from Mimi - perfect for winter indoor entertainment!
Let's not forget Juliette and her big present this year - American Girl Bitty Baby Twins!  She has named them Sarah and Claire.
The kids made this awesome apron for Mama Kay and Madgie this year...I think Mama Kay liked it as she wore it all Christmas Day!

And the kids got a very cool musical Mickey and Gang Christmas gift from Nana and GrandPatch.  This was such a neat thing as each character played a different instrument, but you could start one and all the others would chime in and play together.  It was really cool and got a lot of playing time!
Abbey and Saige.
After all the presents had been opened, we went over to Aunt Domi's house and the cousins all enjoyed some downtime and watching a new movie that Caroline had received for Christmas.
And then it was time for our yummy Christmas feast!
Juju spent some quality time with Lilly.
Matching PJ's!
Cousin Andrew quality time!
I believe they were trying to look like a Christmas Tree in this picture!
Christmas Day was wonderful!  The next few days were spent playing with all the new toys!  Here are Papa, Abbey and Ben playing croquet in our basement!
Ben trying out his scooter, which unfortunately didn't work too well with all the snow and ice on the driveway.
And a family game of Qwirkle!
It was a wonderful Christmas!  As I mentioned, it was our first Christmas at home and we loved it.  We were so glad to have Mama Kay and Papa with us too.  Thank you for all your help around the house and playing with the kids - it was a very relaxing break for me, which I very much needed being so close to the end of my pregnancy!  We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas too!

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