Friday, January 10, 2014

Post Christmas Fun

I have a few cute pictures from my phone that I wanted to post. Just as an update, the girls still love sleeping in the same bed! It isn't every night, but it is not rare either. I can't help but take a picture when it happens as it is just so cute!
Here is Juliette enjoying the musical Disney characters...
Abbey and Saige
Before Christmas Mass...
After Mama Kay and Papa left, we had another week of break to relax and enjoy our presents.  One of the things Ben asked for this year was his own set of roller skates.  So we got him that and then took the kids to our local roller rink for a fun afternoon.  He did awesome!
High 5's as he passes by!

Juliette also really enjoyed it!
And it took Abbey about an hour of watching everyone else, but she finally put on skates!  She didn't want to do it, but I convinced her to just try the skates on.  Luckily, right at that time they announced that only boys could skate, so I told her she couldn't skate anyway and to just try them on to see how they felt.  Once she did that, I was able to walk around with her for a little bit and by the time it was free skate she was ready to try it out with Daddy!  Good job Abbey!
But then one of the refs stopped the girls and said they should try these skates that fit over their shoes and are easier to maneuver.  Once the girls put those skates on, they were happy skating on their own!
Look at them go!
Everyone had fun!
And enjoyed a nice treat too!
It was a really fun afternoon, but it made my little Juju quite tired when we got home!  I was all too happy to cuddle up with her and let her take a quick nap...I love my cuddle time with my babies!

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