Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, lots to catch up on! Let me start with New Year's! We celebrated by going to see a movie and then coming home to celebrate with the kids with our traditional count down to 8:00 :) Unfortunately, Juliette did not make it past the movie and had to miss the big count down because she fell asleep!  That's OK Juliette, Mommy didn't make it to the adult count down of midnight either!

So here is the party crew!  We had our "kids wine" ready for the big count down!
Happy New Year!  Time to blow the horns and give kisses!
And don't forget to shoot the confetti!
Almost time for baby to come out and celebrate with us!
Our celebrations may be low key, but we enjoy the tradition of it and everyone seems to have fun with it!  Happy New Year - what a year we have ahead of us!

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