Saturday, January 04, 2014

The Christmas Fun Continues...

The next week was filled with Christmas festivities as well, starting with dance class for the girls! They each had a "winter recital" where we got to go in during their normal class time, see what they have been learning, and watch them perform a routine to a Christmas song.  Here is Juliette showing me what she has been learning...

 Here is her routine to "Baby It's Cold Outside!"

Here is her class!

The next day was Abbey's turn to show me what she has been learning!  Abbey is very shy, so this did not go well last year as she clammed up with everyone watching her in such close proximity.  For some reason, she does great when on stage, but in the classroom I think everyone is just sitting so close to them and staring at them and it makes her nervous.  So, I tried to act cool and I didn't take too many pictures as I didn't want to freak her out.  She did great though!

Here is her routine to the song in the Polar Express!

And here is her class!

That Friday night was the Cub Scout Christmas Party and they had some really cute things planned.  This was an indoor sled race!

Then they wanted the parents to get involved.  Ben turned to me and said he needed to pull me on a sled or have me pull him as fast as I could.  I looked down at my very pregnant self and said, "You need to go find Dad for this!"

They sang Christmas songs and had a very cute Cub Scout rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas!

They made gingerbread tents.

I thought this was such a cute idea!  Check out the fire in front of the tent made from untwisted Twizzlers and pretzel sticks!

The most fun came at the end indoor snow ball fight!  They had made snowballs from cotton stuffing and nylons and it was kids vs. was everyone's favorite event of the night!


It was a great party and I give a lot of credit to those who planned it...very well done!
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